Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Creative Teacher Giveaway: 1 for me and 1 for you!

Stephany Dillion is the winner of Quality Quentin!  We hope you enjoy him!!

We are so excited to join these wonderful, creative teachers!  You have an opportunity to win some great crafts for your classroom and home.  We have created and made Quality Quentin to help improve behavior in our classrooms in a fun way.  Our kiddos just love taking him home!

Meet Quentin the Quality Penguin.  He is our class mascot, and helps my kiddos to be quality students.  They take turns taking him home in a bag with a journal, so they can write about his time with them at home.   The students will read the journal during our carpet time.  They have to be a quality student in order to be able to take him home.  He has really helped the behavior of my students.

My kiddos just love Quentin!  They even give him little gifts from home.  One little gal made him a belt and one little guy gave him the scarf during the winter because he didn't want Quentin to be cold:)

I also use Quentin during our class meetings.  The students pass him around as we discuss "What Quality Students are"  We usually listen and sing this song first.  It helps my kiddos to remember what a quality student is.  You can get the song in our store for a dollar.

We also sing this song about not being a bully.  Quentin raps about bully prevention.

I use these Quentin dollars for good behavior.  My kiddos love earning them and using them in our class store.  They are a free download at our store:

We also have a book about Quentin's first day of school and how his mom teaches him the Quality Student song.

We have several products with Quentin in them.  If ya'll are interested in checking any of them out, just go to our store and look under Custom Categories under Quentin the Quality Penguin.

I use Quentin to welcome my new First Graders.  I take their pictures and put them on the ice floes.  They get so excited to see the real one in my class when I show him to them.

We are giving a Quentin away for the Teacher Giveaway.  It will just be the penguin.  The clothes aren't included.  We bought the clothes, hat and shoes at Build-A-Bear.

We will be selling Quentin puppets soon.  If you're interested,  you can follow us so you will know when they are available:)

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  1. Quentin is ADORABLE!!! I love him. I love how you incorporate him into your whole day.
    Differentiation Station Creations

    1. Thank you Laura! My first graders just love him! Several of my students used him in their chapter book about being quality students. It was so cute!


  2. Quentin is SOOOO cute!! What a GREAT idea!! I would love to have him in my classroom!

    1. Thank you so much! If you don't win, we could sell you one if you're interested:)

  3. Could I ask you where you got Quinten? I would love to have one of him. Thanks

    1. Quentin is our original creation. If you don't win, and would like to buy one, just let us know.

  4. Quinten is so adorable! You did such a great job!
    Love Teaching Kids

  5. Thank you so much! He has really helped my kiddos be quality students. They go around singing our Quality Student song. Even my daughter's preschool kids love the song and understand what being a quality student is:)

  6. Quinten is fabulous! I would love to incorporate something like this in my kindergarten class.

  7. Thank you so much! If you don't win him, and would like to buy one, just let us know:)

  8. I would like to purchase a Quentin from you. Please let me know how!

    1. Did you enter to try to win him? Do you want to see if you win him first?

      Thank you for your interest in him:)

      Yes, you may buy one.

  9. Congratulations Stephany Dillon! You won Quality Quentin!
    Thank ya'll for entering and if anybody still wants one, Quality Quentin is $40. He is an original hand made penguin.
    Ya'll can email us at: