Friday, June 13, 2014

FUN FRIDAY and $1 SALE for Birthday Bash:)

This is our May Word of the Day Calendar and I have my kiddos to circle 5 of the words that go together and they write a story using those words.  It has really helped to improve vocabulary development as well as writing skills.

These are a few of the great writings that they did using the words.  Some of my kiddos actually wanted to use more than 5 words.  Yay!!

 I just love what this ELL student wrote about "culture"

This little ELL student couldn't write a complete sentence in September, now look at him go!

We had fun playing our Quest Game.

These are the cards included.  You can use them in a center or you can use them in the game. I chose to just use the list of words and recording sheet in the class version

I always let my kiddos study their calendar words before we play our Bounce Game.  The Bounce Game has questions about their calendar words for the month.  My students love this game!

This is my ELL teacher listening to one of my kiddos read her question card for her team.

We also have used the cards as a read around the room activity.  My ELL teacher said, "Our Word of the Day Calendar Words and Word of the Day Products have really improved her ELL student's vocabulary development.  All of our WIDA scores for our ELL students improved this year!  Yay!!

These are our Word of the Day Products we use each month.  We have all of them on sale for a $1 today June 13 and June 14 as a Birthday Bash for Brittany!  All ya'll have to do is go to our store and look under custom categories and look under Word of the Day to see all of them.

We hope ya'll enjoyed FUN FRIDAY and will come back Sunday for our Behavior post.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I just bought all of your word of the day calendar sets. Thanks so much!!

    I was wondering thought- I thought a student black and white calendar came with the large set?

    Here's to hoping that this vocabulary/writing activity will really help my 1st graders next year. :)


  2. Thank you so much! It does, do you not see it in a set?
    I hope these products will help your kiddos as much as it has helped mine! I have more ideas on our SOL Train Learning Pinterest Board if you want to check it out. Another great game for your first graders is Scoot. You may have heard about it. We have many of those in our store. Just go to categories and look under Scoot games. My kiddos love it because they get to get out of their seats and move around.