Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fun Friday: Messy and Educational

Hello teacher friends,

So Fun Friday has moved into Slow Saturday given my current pregnancy hormones and yucky feelings :).  Since it's Summer for a lot of us, I decided it would be fun to share an outdoor activity that teaches the kids about abstract art and the modern artist, Jackson Pollack.  It also involves process art, which is very popular in early childhood education.

This is also a great activity for recycling unwanted clothes or extra rags.  I put rubber bands on various clothing items and also stuffed a few to make "ball" shapes.  The kids threw, slung, flicked, and smacked paint onto this giant butcher paper canvas.
They loved being told they could be messy.  All the paint was washable, but I do recommend messy clothes.  It was all over them.
The kids walked across the wet paint on the ground and accidentally created footprints!  It was a really cool effect.

Once the project is finished, you can use pieces for picture frame mats, wrapping paper, or you can put it on your bulletin board as a backdrop.

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