Thursday, July 30, 2015

Back to School Activities, FREEBIES and a GIVEAWAY!

MEET OUR CLASSROOM MASCOT- Quentin the Quality Penguin!  Isn't he cute:) He helps my kiddos to be "quality" students. He also loves to sing, "Quality Students" with us.

 I start the year with this display of Quality Quentin and his friend Mandy on my wall outside of my classroom and they are greeted by Quality Quentin when they enter the classroom. One of my sweet little girls made him the bracelet he is wearing.  Then I take pictures of my kiddos standing on little glaciers for our classroom display.

 I read Quentin's First Day.  It is a book about how scared Quentin is to go to school.  Mama Penguin makes him feel better by teaching him the Quality Student song, so he knows how to behave at school.  You can get the book in our store. Just click on the picture to purchase.

Then we sing the Quality Student Song and act out the letters of "Quality"  This song is included with the book. You can also grab just the song for FREE:)

 After we have read the book and sung our Quality Student song, we will pass around Quality Quentin and each of the kiddos will say their name and what a quality student is.
"My name is Jon, and a quality student listens to the teacher."  We have these class meetings every day the first few weeks of school and then we will have them weekly.  My students really learn how a quality student acts.

I also talk to them about how they can earn these Quentin Dollars when they are Quality Students.  They also can lose them if they are not being quality students.  They get to go to the store when they earn 10 and they can save up 20 to get larger items.  The cool thing about this is they are learning about saving money to purchase something bigger.  I also had students to use their dollars to buy gifts for family members.  One little girl even asked about getting something for her brother's birthday but didn't have enough dollars, so I loaned them to her and was able to give her a mini lesson on loaning money from a bank.  It was great! And she was so proud and happy to be giving her brother a present that she felt like she earned.  I use these dollars now as my behavior system because it is so much easier and it takes away the pressure from the kiddos when they were changing their signs.  It is a free download in our store.  I just run them off in grayscale.

 I also use this as a class incentive.  We will vote on an activity that the class wants to do and when we get enough Quentins on the igloo, we will do the activity.  The kiddos love seeing the number of Quentins grow.  You can get these in our Back to School Bundle.  
 The parents are very good about helping me with donating items for our little store.  I just ask for parents who can to sign up at the beginning of the year to donate.
 As you can see, they love the Quentin Dollars! 

This is our Back to School Unit that has literacy activities that will also encourage your kiddos to be quality students.  Y'all can get this and everything in our store for 20% off during the big Back to School SALE Aug.3-4

This is a book that the kiddos can illustrate themselves.    I just love their own pictures!  it makes each book unique:)

Here are a few more examples of what you will get in this large literacy  unit- over 90 pages! The kiddos love seeing Quentin and Mandy on these resources:)

These are quality student crowns that we make using a color code. They love wearing them!

We create this class big book after we have discussed what a quality student is over a few weeks.

This one was done by one of my ELL students who said that he was dancing to the Quality Student song:)

Well that is what we do to start our year off learning about being a quality student!
What are some of the things y'all do? We would love to hear about some of your ideas!

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Hope your school year is awesome!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Vegas Deals and Giveaways!

TPT is off to Vegas! Some of my teacher friends thought it would be fun to have some deals and giveaways to celebrate:)

The first day is a product giveaway. Just stop by our FB page on July 6 and enter by choosing a number 1-1000.

We will be giving away one of our popular money units. If you want to see more, just click on the picture.
Y'all can also check out the other giveaways at #teacherslovevegasMonday

Good luck!

Make sure y'all check back each day this week to see what the deal of the day is:) 

Today's deal is Three of a Kind $1 Deals!
Our first resource is our original book about Quentin's first day of school and how he shares how to be a quality student. The second item is a fun math game and the third item is Quentin's Word Problems which includes fish manipulatives.
You can see all three at our store under Featured Items.

We also have our money unit 50% off for those of you who wanted it: Just click on the picture below.
This is a 4 week unit that has a detailed lesson plan if you want to follow it:)

You can also see tour $1 deals as well as other $1 deals at:

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Here are today's Vegas deals: Our first item goes nicely with yesterday's back to school book with Quentin. This one is about how Quentin learns to be kind in a pumpkin patch and the second item is our Community Helper Book Bundle. It  has a fun book match and a Community Helpers mini book. 
They will be the featured items in our store or y'all can see them here along with all the $2 deals!

So for today's deal, we are having a SALE:)  Everything in our store is 20% off! It is a great time to grab some back to school items or get those wish listed products.

Here are a few items that y'all could use for the beginning of school:
 This calendar has a September word on every calendar piece and there is a teacher's guide for the group calendar and for the student calendar that the kiddos will fill out as you go. There is also a math pattern that builds. You can see it in our featured items at the top of our store.  If you buy this calendar, make sure you look to download revisions in a week or two because we will be adding some pieces to make the student calendar more interactive:) My dad has been sick so I haven't been able to finish it for this deal. We also have all our calendars in a bundle: Just click picture to see more:

 This is a fun game that is based on the September words. Your kiddos will love to play it! It is also a featured item.

We also have these games bundled at a discounted price and now on sale: Just click the picture to see more.

 This is an ELA unit that is packed with ideas for showing your kiddos how to be a quality student. Our original song is included where the students will spell quality as they sing this fun and upbeat song! It is a featured item.
This is a great review on several math concepts. It will be great to play as you assess your students. We also have this as a featured item.

We also have scoot games, social studies and science units with our original songs that the kids love to sing and dance to as they learn, and many seasonal products if you want to get the jump on those:)
Just look under our categories to see what you may be looking for.

Happy Shopping!

Well, it is the last day of Vegas Deals and that our store will be 20% off today! Y'all  can enter to win a $50 TPT gift card!:)
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Good luck!

Pop over next week to see what our summer surprises will be:)
Have a great weekend!!