Saturday, May 31, 2014

Organizing Your Work for the Week

Welcome to your first stop at our

The first thing I do to organize my student's work for the week is copy my sheets and put post-it notes with what day of the week I will be using the sheets.  

Then I place them in the correct folders.

I put the folders in the correct box and then I am ready for the week:)
I ordered these from Lakeshore and I  love them!  I also put my books in these boxes that I want to read for that day or other resources I may use.  You could also label  the boxes with subject names instead of the days of the week and just place all of your reading materials in the red box, math in the orange box, etc.  You could label the folders Mon, Tues. etc.

It is one of the best organizational tools I have ever purchased!

If you can't get your school to purchase this for you or you can't afford to pay for it yourself, you could make a set with boxes that sets of books come in to your school.  I know we get samples of reading materials or math that come in these boxes where the books are standing up like a magazine holder, usually bigger.  You could also check the dollar store or Target for open containers that might work.  It is a great way to keep you planned and organized for the week and the substitute teacher has no problem finding the work for that day.  I also have a folder labeled "Extra Sheets"  that I put in each box for the sub to have if she or he needs them.

We hope this little tip on organizing your papers for the week has been helpful to ya'll:)

We are so happy to be joining this group of great teachers with Linky parties this summer to help ya'll get ready for your school year.   This first one is on organization.  Check them out at Where the Magic Happens.

Friday, May 30, 2014

FUN Friday: Art Exploration

This activity is a great way to teach your kiddos about primary colors and secondary colors.

Credit for this idea goes to:  She used the blow art to represent fireworks.  We used liquid watercolors, but you can use food coloring as a safer alternative.

 The kids blow through a straw and "chase" the puddles around the paper.  This would also be a great idea for personalized wrapping paper for Mother's Day, Father's Day, or both.

This is a really great activity, and perfect for some end-of-the-year fun.  Have the kids draw people and use the paint as crazy hair, or add googly eyes to make silly monsters.  More ideas below:

Hope you have fun and a great rest of the year!

Friday, May 23, 2014

FUN FRIDAY: Goods and Services and get our bundle for 50% off!!

We discussed what producers and consumers  were and these are pictures of what my little producers decided to produce.  This was the first step to our project.  They had to have a plan.

The kiddos brought in recyclable products from home.  They were suppose to think about their drawings and plans and bring in things that would help them to produce their products.

Of course, robots were the favorite.

I thought she did an awesome job matching her plan!  I wouldn't of thought about using toilet paper rolls.

Look how well this little lady produced her drawing!  She actually said that this was going to be her doll.:)

This is a wedding cake.

The last part of our project was to write about it.  My kiddos loved doing this!

This was the culminating project we did with our Goods and Services Bundle. 

This is the little book that is included in the bundle.  There is also a fun and upbeat song that my kiddos love to sing and dance to.  There are print and go sheets along with a daily lesson plan and little books.  Come check it out.

We are offering this 50% off for Fun Friday and as a Memorial Day sale item so it will be on sale through Monday.

Hope ya'll enjoyed FUN FRIDAY and have an awesome holiday!

Monday, May 19, 2014


I have joined some great teachers who have some awesome products for ya'll today for twodollartuesday, May 20.  Just type twodollartuesday in the TPT search engine.  Come check out some great deals!

 Grab this fun game for a $1 throughout Tuesday, May 20.

You can also grab this fun Scoot Game for a $1.

Friday, May 16, 2014


This is  our fearless leader(principal) She and our assistant principal dressed up for a pep rally.  Our students are getting ready to take all of their state tests next week so we wanted to encourage them.  They put on a great show called "Rock the Test"

The students came in with posters and Big letters to hold up.  I was in the group with the teachers that sang songs so I couldn't get any pictures of our part.  But the kiddos loved it!

This is our shirts that we sell to go with our song SOL TRAIN.  If ya'll are interested in them, just let
us know.

My kiddos love to make a train as we sing to this SOL TRAIN SONG:)


This is our fun and rocking SOL Train song that our kiddos love to sing and dance to. 

We are offering it for free Friday and Saturday May 16 and May 17.  We hope that you will enjoy singing and dancing with your kiddos.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day Freebie!:)

Free for Mother's Day:  Hope your students will learn a lot of May Vocabulary Words with this!  My students have increased their vocabulary with these calendars and they have helped my kiddos with their writing each month.

These are a few samples of my student's April writings using the April Calendar Words.

This was where one of my little guys used the word "traditions" from our December Calendar Words.  It was so exciting to see him use this word and remember it was from our calendar words.  He asked me if he could circle it because it was a calendar word.  Some of my kiddos will actually say"That is one of our calendar words" when they see it in a book.

This is one of my ELL students.

This is also one of my ELL students that is in Reading Recovery. I am so proud of this little guy!  He has come so far!

This kiddo needed two pages to do his story.

Here is our April Words big book for the classroom.  It's a great reinforcer for vocabulary.

 This is a fun game that my kiddos love to play!  It has questions about the May Calendar Words.

This is where my kiddos are playing this Brain Bounce game as a read around the room.  They read the question and write the answer on the recording sheet.  You can also divide them into teams to play or use the cards as a center.

This is the copy of the student calendar that comes with our Word of the Day Calendars.  My students were using them to help them with Brain Bounce.  The ELL teacher said our Word of the Day Products are really helping her ELL students with learning monthly vocabulary in a fun way.

This gives the kiddos practice with the Calendar Words as they put the words in correct sentence order.

This is a page from the April Activities.  They cut and glue the words in order.   You can have them highlight the calendar words.  May has cute flowerpots to cut out.  

Then they copy and illustrate the sentence.

Then there is a bonus question for every page.

This is a fun game where the kiddos look for word chunks in the Calendar Words.

I always tell my kiddos that they are going to be word detectives as they look for word crumbs in their calendar words.  It would also be fun to give them magnifying glasses and do this as a center.  We have 3 versions of how your kiddos can play this Quest Game.  There are 18 task cards, a word list, recording sheet, answer sheet, teaching guide and directions.

We hope ya'll have a wonderful Mother's Day!  Check back for Fun Friday:)