Monday, December 29, 2014

Ring in the New Year with Great Deals and a GiveAway!

We have joined up with some awesome teachers and we are excited to tell ya'll we are bringing in the New Year with great deals and a TPT Gift Card GiveAway!

We hope ya'll have enjoyed these 3 days of promotions and have gotten some great products to start your New Year:)      We also are having a 20% off of our store items Dec.31-Jan. 2 to help ya'll with starting back to school in 2015! 
 Just leave a comment here on our blog about your favorite part of this promotion so we can do something like this again or you can leave an idea of what you would like for us to do for our next promotion:) , and we will select a winner for our Coin unit. It is a 4 week unit that has these fun books ya'll can use at a math center with coins. Our kiddos love them! They also love seeing Quentin the Quality Penguin on some of the sheets.

You can click on the picture below to see more:

 This is a fun game that we are offering ya'll today as a thank you for this year's support! So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts:)
Just click on the picture to grab and we hope you will leave a nice comment when you download:) We appreciate that! We would also love you to follow our store if you aren't a follower, and if you are one-thank you!!  When you follow us, you  will be notified of all our fun FREEBIES and new products coming up. We would also love for you to follow us here on our blog so you will see all the fun things we will be doing in class this New Year!

Today's Deal: Dec.31- Bundle Sales! Check all of them out here:

Get our entire year's worth of Brain Bounce games. These games have task cards that ask questions about monthly words. Get them all for just $15.00 today! This is more than 50% off:)
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Here are a few samples and ya'll can scroll down and look under the Jan. Brain Bounce picture and see how we used these cards in class.

Remember it is the last day to enter the GiveAway to win a $25 TPT Gift Card!

Our Brain Bounce game helps your kids practice addition, subtraction, greater than, and less than. This great math game is one of our new Brain Bounce games that facilitate ELA and Math skills for your kids. You can also use these cards in a center or as a Scoot game.

-24 Cards
-Directions to Brain Bounce
-Recording and Answer sheets 

Just click on the picture to purchase:

 Money Scoot is a fun and exciting game that gets all of your students moving. It can be used as a preview to see what your students already know about money or as a review of money or as an assessment after teaching about
counting money to 50¢. There are task cards that just have one kind of coin so you can also see if students can count just pennies, nickels or dimes and task cards that mix the coins. 

Directions to Money “Scoot”
24 task cards and 4 Take a Break Cards if you have more than 24 students
A recording sheet
Answer Key

Here is the second deal for today: When ya'll buy January Word Order, you get Word Crumbs for free.  Just leave me a comment with your email when you buy it on Dec.30  here or on my Facebook  and I will email you the Crumbs for free! 

Just click on this picture to go to my Facebook page: We would love for you to follow us if you haven't already, so you can find more deals and activities:) We post FREEBIES and craft ideas as well. Check us out.

Just click on pictures to purchase:

Here are a few samples from other Word Order Activities:

 This is a sample of how one of my kiddos answered the bonus question. There is a bonus question on each page. There is also a teacher guide.

The kiddos can manipulate the word pieces before they glue them in order.

Here are a few samples of our Dec. Word Crumbs.

 My kiddos loved using little magnifying glasses with them. It made this center so much fun! I told them they were word detectives:)

Dec.29th deals:

 These are a few journal entries that my kiddos did using our word of the day calendars.

 Here are a few writings that my ELL students did last Jan. using these calendar words.

Here are a few more Jan. writings using words from this calendar. My kiddos really enjoy having these words to help them with their writings.

My kiddos love to share their calendar notebooks!

We also have the entire year's worth of calendars over 54% off at a special sale at Educents, so it is a great time to grab all of them now.
Just click on the picture below to purchase:

This is our Brain Bounce game that has task cards that ask questions about our January Calendar words. My kiddos love playing this game because they like to break into teams to play.

This is my awesome ELL teacher! She is asking one of her ELL students a question from our bounce game. She said that these Word of the Day products have helped her students to understand content area vocabulary.
We have also used these cards as a read around the room activity.

 You could use the game cards for Scoot as well.

And our last product on sale today is: Some fun word problem task cards.
 These cards are great for a math center! There are also fun fish manipulatives included as well as a pond to put the fish in.

 Click on this link to win a chance at a $25 TPT Card:


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fun Holiday Activities!

 We have been so busy these last few weeks with getting ready for the holidays. I know ya'll are happy to be getting a break. I know I am!  I just had to take a few minutes to share a few ideas that my kiddos enjoyed doing. Here is a quick and inexpensive gift for the parents. I put up some blue bulletin board paper and took pictures with a Santa hat on all the kiddos. Then they glued their pictures on these globes made out of blue and black construction paper. The students used white tempera paint to make snow with their fingerprints. We hole punched them and put a red pipe cleaner through the hole. I just used a silver sharpie to write the date.
I know their parents will love putting these on their trees:)

I gave all the kiddos a white bag to decorate and then they put their ornament in them for their parents.

I read this book to my little guys and they loved it! I just love all her Snowmen books. The pictures are beautiful.

Then the kids made their own snowmen at night pictures. They made snowmen and other details out of construction paper and glued them on black paper and drew the snow with a white crayon. Then they wrote about their pictures. They turned out pretty cute:)

So, since my kiddos loved this book so much, I decided to give them all their own copies. I added this poem I wrote inside their books. I can't wait to see their faces when they see them:)

We had fun making Saint Lucia crowns and Star Boy hats.
 The girls pretended to have trays and served the sweet treats to the boys. Of course the boys loved that part!

This was a fun way to make a menorah. Ya'll know how much the kiddos love glitter:)

 This was a yummy and fun activity! Just color canned vanilla icing green and give the kids a popsicle stick to ice their sugar ice cream cones. then let them decorate the tree with candy and put confectioner sugar on the plate to resemble snow. Add candies around the snow village. The kiddos loved doing this! I did it as a center.

We hope that ya'll have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Be sure to check back to see the fun winter activities that we have planned:)

We would love to get any comments about what fun things ya'll have planned for the holidays!