Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fun Holiday Activities!

 We have been so busy these last few weeks with getting ready for the holidays. I know ya'll are happy to be getting a break. I know I am!  I just had to take a few minutes to share a few ideas that my kiddos enjoyed doing. Here is a quick and inexpensive gift for the parents. I put up some blue bulletin board paper and took pictures with a Santa hat on all the kiddos. Then they glued their pictures on these globes made out of blue and black construction paper. The students used white tempera paint to make snow with their fingerprints. We hole punched them and put a red pipe cleaner through the hole. I just used a silver sharpie to write the date.
I know their parents will love putting these on their trees:)

I gave all the kiddos a white bag to decorate and then they put their ornament in them for their parents.

I read this book to my little guys and they loved it! I just love all her Snowmen books. The pictures are beautiful.

Then the kids made their own snowmen at night pictures. They made snowmen and other details out of construction paper and glued them on black paper and drew the snow with a white crayon. Then they wrote about their pictures. They turned out pretty cute:)

So, since my kiddos loved this book so much, I decided to give them all their own copies. I added this poem I wrote inside their books. I can't wait to see their faces when they see them:)

We had fun making Saint Lucia crowns and Star Boy hats.
 The girls pretended to have trays and served the sweet treats to the boys. Of course the boys loved that part!

This was a fun way to make a menorah. Ya'll know how much the kiddos love glitter:)

 This was a yummy and fun activity! Just color canned vanilla icing green and give the kids a popsicle stick to ice their sugar ice cream cones. then let them decorate the tree with candy and put confectioner sugar on the plate to resemble snow. Add candies around the snow village. The kiddos loved doing this! I did it as a center.

We hope that ya'll have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Be sure to check back to see the fun winter activities that we have planned:)

We would love to get any comments about what fun things ya'll have planned for the holidays!

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