Friday, September 26, 2014

FUN FRIDAY and 50% off Five Senses Unit!

My kiddos had so much fun learning about five senses! We sang and danced to the Five Senses song, which is included in this unit. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to take pictures of that. The students made these puppets with the words about that sense on the back of the puppets, so we read the back as we held up the puppets. Have your kiddos glue the stick between the two pieces that match.

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 This is the big book that I read after we sang the song.

This is one of the pages from the book. It was our favorite page because we talked about listening to the five senses song.

This student was so cute showing me this: "I have green eyes."

The kiddos colored their own black and white books and matched their puppets to the pages.

The students put their puppets and books in a ziploc bag, so we could practice reading them every day. They loved holding up the pieces as they read the words on the back of the puppets.

Then the students used their books to complete fill in the blank sheets.

They also did this cut and paste sheet.  I used these at a center while I was calling reading groups.

We had a lot of fun doing this science experiment. The kiddos took turns pulling items out of a bag and passed it to the student beside them until all the students in the group had a chance to feel it. They loved closing their eyes and pulling an item out of the bag!:) I did this with small groups of students, and it worked out great!

I love this picture of this little guy rubbing the bear against his cheek! He said,"This is so soft!"

The students filled out a hypothesis sheet and a conclusion sheet.

We sorted the items under the correct headings.

The students also sorted tasting cards under the correct headings.

We hope y'all enjoyed reading about our Fun Five Senses Unit! Thanks for stopping by our Fun Friday!:)
Have a great weekend!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

4 Week Coin Unit on SALE

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We have this large pack of money activities on SALE 20% off at Educents Sept. 22-23.

I use these coin books at a math center. The kiddos love matching the coins to the pages in the books. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

FUN FRIDAY: All About Quality Students!

We made these cute "Quality Students" today after singing and learning all about what a quality student was this week.

We sang and danced to this song that teaches the kiddos all about good behavior. They also learn to spell"Quality" as they sing the song. We are offering this fun song for free today and tomorrow for FUN FRIDAY! Just click on the picture below to get it.  We would really appreciate a nice comment when y'all download the song. Thank you so much!:)

The first thing we did was meet Quality Quentin, our class mascot and I read them his book about being a quality student.
Then we had a class meeting where we pass Quentin around the circle and each student introduced themselves and said what they remembered from the song about good behavior. They said, "My name is_________ and a quality student__________________. I was so pleased to see so many of them remember things from the song:)

The students illustrated their own books about what all the letters of "Quality" stood for.
Then we had some fun making Quality crowns or hats. They have a word family color code, so we learned about word families as we made our crowns or hats, whatever you would want to call them. They are like Quality Quentin's hat, so the students loved them!

Here are more sheets that are in the Back to School Unit. The song, books,crowns are also in this large pack. There is also fun puppets and a pocket chart poem included. We will be offering this unit that helps teach about good behavior 50% off today and tomorrow for FUN FRIDAY:)

Then the kiddos made themselves as "Quality Students." First you take a 12"x18" and fold it so you have 8 squares.

Then cut out the first and last square on the bottom row.

Then you cut out a small triangle to make pants.

Then you fold the first and last square on the first row in the middle, and glue the two squares you cut out behind these squares to make sleeves.

Then ut out a head and glue it on the back.

Next the students will decorate them with yarn for hair or they can just draw their hair. My kiddos love the yarn! My girls also decided to make skirts.

This little guy decided to add a mustache:)

Some of them also added shoes and hands. Lastly the students wrote their name, and what made them a quality student . They had a lot of fun using their creativity!

We hope you enjoyed our FUN FRIDAY activity and that your kiddos will enjoy the Quality Student song. If y'all use the song or buy the unit, we would love to know if you had success with it:)

Have an awesome weekend! We hope that you will come back next Friday!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

$1 September Word of the Day Calendar!

This is our September Word of the day Calendar. It has a great content word that goes with the month and a teacher's guide with ideas on how to use the class calendar. It also has a black and white student calendar with a teacher's guide on ideas on how to use it. There is an AB math pattern on this one-green apple, red apple, etc. There is a definition sheet and a student journal sheet if you want to use them. I have my students write their calendar words in a notebook everyday. 

We were so thrilled to receive this recent comment about this calendar:

On  September 7, 2014,  Jen Stamm (TpT Seller) said:
This is probably one of the best resources I've bought on tpt. I went from having students that hate writing to being able to get my students to write a sentence about a specific word. Their sentences are amazing and I cannot wait to purchase the year bundle to keep the momentum going!

We were so excited to get this comment that we decided to put September on SALE SEPT 7 for just $1!
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We had so many requests to bundle our calendars so we just recently did, so y'all can get the bundle of all 12 calendars that cover the entire year now in one large pack:)
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This is where one of my students in first grade wrote the word of the day,"principal" and wrote the number of syllables and illustrated it. Later you will see them developing into sentences.

All the following are samples of the writing my kiddos did throughout the year last school year and y'all can see there was great improvement!

I compile all the stories we write for the month using our calendar words into a class book so the students can read them all through the year, that way the words are being reinforced. The students take turns illustrating the covers.

My kiddos love to share their calendar notebooks every day!

This is our Brain Bounce Bundle that we also just put together to cover the entire year! They are vocabulary games that are task cards asking questions about our calendar words. Our kiddos love playing this because we divide into teams to play. They always ask me if we  can play it again. There is a teacher's guide for ideas to do with the cards, including game directions for Brain Bounce and Scoot if you want to use them for that. Some teachers like to use the cards as exit cards. Just click on the picture to purchase. You save over 25% when purchased as a bundle.

I always have my guys use their calendars from our calendar bundle to review the words together before we play the game. I also let them keep their calendars out during the game to help them with the words.

This is our ELL teacher listening to one of my ELL students read and answer a question. She said,"These words and games are great for ELL students because they are learning so much basic vocabulary on a daily basis and in a fun way."

Sometimes I place the cards around the room for my students to do as a "Read around the Room" activity.

These are just a few cards from the September Brain Bounce. We sell the games separately if you are interested.

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