Friday, September 5, 2014

50% off all Featured Items!

We are joining some other great teachers for this Super SALE! Just click on the link to check out more products:)

Here is one of our featured products that will be 50% all day Sat.-Sept.6 Just click on the picture to purchase.

These are some of the 9 finger puppets in this large bundle.

This worksheet is also included, where they match the correct tool with the correct community helper.

These colored sheets are also included, where they match the correct community helper to the right environment, or you can use the sheets as a theater background like my kiddos did. They love to dance around their puppets to the fun community helper song that is also included.

This little book with 9 helpers is included in this bundle.

This is just one of the pages in the book.  The page gives the clue and the next page tells the helper.

One of my creative students made her own little puppet scene.

The next product we have for 50% off is our popular Scoot game. This game gets your kiddos up and moving and is a great way to assess their knowledge of counting money. Just click on the picture to check it out.

The third featured item on sale is our Word of the Day Calendar Bundle. These calendars give you great content words for the entire year! You get 2 Teacher's guides, one to use with the big calendar and one to use with the student calendar. You will introduce one word a day and your students will write about that word everyday. These words are a great writing tool! It has been said by an ELL teacher,"great words for my ELL students!" We also got the nicest email from a teacher who wanted to let us know that her students were learning a lot out of the September words that she started using this year:)  Click on the picture below to purchase.

A sample of the calendar-You will get this for every month. There is a pattern as well. They start out as AB, then ABB, ABC as the months go by. There is also a journal page that you can use with them. I use a notebook.

The last featured item on sale 50% off today is our Brain Bounce Game Bundle which will also last the entire year! The questions are based on the calendar words, so these games are a great and fun way to assess their knowledge of the calendar words at the end of the month. The task cards could also be used as a Scoot game or as exit cards. their is a recording sheet and an answer key for each month. Just click on the picture to purchase.

These pictures are just a small sample of the monthly cards in this game bundle.

Well, we hope that y'all can use some of these featured products, and remember to check out the other teachers that have featured items on SALE:)

Have a great weekend!
Check back next Friday as we will begin our weekly post,"FUN FRIDAY"

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