Monday, September 1, 2014

We are Having a SALE!

 These are our popular coin books that are in our Money Activities Bundle.  They are great to use in your math centers!

 Just a few more sheets that are included in this bundle.  There is also a coin rap and games and a 4 week lesson plan!
 You can purchase it for 20% off on Labor day. Just click on the picture below:

These are just a few sheets from our Beginning of the Year or Back to School Bundle-also 20%! There is a fun and rocking song about being a quality student and a read aloud book, puppets and a pocket chart poem included in this large bundle!  Your kiddos will learn all about being a quality student as they do all these fun activities:)

This is our Word of the Day Calendar Bundle which has a content vocabulary word on each calendar piece. It has been said by an ELL teacher that these are great for her ELL students because they learn so much basic words while they are doing calendar skills. These calendar words have also improved my student's writing skills as they write about their words everyday.
 This is a sample of it with our September Calendar. Each month can be purchased separately.

We have also added a teacher's guide for the student calendars as well, so you are getting two guides now.

If y'all want to purchase this 20% off just click on picture below:

These are sample task cards from our September Brain Bounce game. We have one for each month based on the calendar words for the month. The kids love playing this! You could also use the cards in a Scoot game or as exit cards.

The whole bundle is on SALE 20% off! You can also get each month sold separately if you want to grab September and see how your kiddos like it.

This is the coloring plant book in our fun Plant Bundle, which also has a fun and upbeat song for your kids to sing and dance to. There is also a colored version that I use as a read aloud. There is a fill in the blank sheet they can do using their own books.

These are just a couple of the math sheets. There is also some fun ELA sheets included.
 We included manipulatives to use with the task cards, if you want to use them in a math center.
 These are the task cards.  They are actually 2 Scoot games. There is a recording sheet and answer key included.
 If you want to purchase this large bundle just click on the picture below:

We also have 29 Scoot games to choose. Just click on the pictures or to see more, go to our store and on the left side click Scoot games under Custom Categories.

These are 5 of the 9 cute finger puppets included in our Community Helper Bundle. There is also a fun song in this bundle too:)
 All these pictures are included to use as a book or we even used them for our scenery for our puppets. They danced them around during the song.
 We also have this cute little book on all nine helpers. There is also printables and a lesson plan included in this large bundle.

Just click on the picture below to purchase it for 20% off: We also have a Goods and Services and a Wants and Needs Bundle if you want to look under Bundles under Categories at our store.

Well that is just a few things we showed y'all from our store.  There are over 100 products so we hope you will see something you can use to help y'all have a successful school year!
As usual, we appreciate your support and kind comments that so many of y'all have left us at our store!

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