Saturday, June 7, 2014

Math Workshop

I usually start my Math Workshop with about 10 minutes of group  math instruction.  Then I  begin 20 minute guided math groups like you would do guided reading groups.  This is one of my centers that my kiddos might go to while I am meeting with a group.  It is our Quentin Task Cards.  They are word problems using addition and subtraction.  There are fish manipulatives to help the kiddos who need them.

This little gal even drew the fish.

This center is one of the favorites because my kiddos love the coin books.  They like to match the coins to each page and then count the amounts when they are ready.   There is a book for each individual coin and then one that is about counting all the coins together.  These little books are in our Money Bundle.

This is a missing addend center.  There are also flower manipulatives.  They are in our Plant Bundle.

My kiddos also love the pattern blocks.

And of course, we love our computers!  These guys are doing Moby Max.  It is a great program that you can try out for free for a month.

We also have Scoot Math Games that we play.  They are fun ways to review math skills that keep the kiddos up and moving.  You can also use these cards in math centers.

We are having a SCOOTin Sunday SALE today, June 8. You can grab this popular Scoot game that can also be used n a math center with coins for $1.  You can also look under Categories under Scoot Games on our store and see several SCOOT games, including our Bundle with 4 games in it, all for a $1 today.

We hope that you got some fun ideas for your math workshop.  Check out some other great ideas here:

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