Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall with Community Helpers

It's almost October and Fall is officially in the air.  Children will begin telling you about what they are going to be for Halloween or what pumpkin patch they will be visiting.  You might have kids going on hayrides and drinking cider.  But before all of that, we have fire safety week, and with that, community helpers.

We cannot tell you enough about how great this bundle has been in the classroom.  It provides books, games, a song, puppets, and more fun resources for helping kiddos learn about community helpers.  Each activity is designed to further imprint the idea of community helpers on your students' brains.

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There are a few printables like this one.  The sheet pictured below matches each community helper to his or her tool.

One of the sheets includes these adorable finger puppets that children can use while they are listening to the song.

A group of Pam's Summer School students came up with the idea to cut off the book match pages and use them as scenery for a puppet show.  

One little girl came up with the idea of creating a popup page for her community helpers.  She created environments for each community helper, then cut slits for her puppets to fit through.  You could take this one step further by having kiddos draw a map of their community.  They could include the places where each community helper works and then cut slits for their puppets.

Below is a video that talks more about our Community Helpers Bundle and offers you a FREE community helpers sheet.  Check it out!

Have an awesome week!!

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