Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Our Awesome Class Mascot

My name is Quentin.  I am a "quality" penguin, and I want to show your kiddos how to be quality students!  There is a song my mother taught me in the book Quentin's First Day, where I learn what a quality student is.  I was nervous about my first day of school and mom made me feel better.  I taught it to my new friend, Mandy, to make her feel better too. Grab it for Free!

The students meet me at the beginning of the year and sing the "Quality Students" song every day.  They talk with their teacher about what a quality student is and earn Quality Quentin Dollars for being quality students.  Along with earning Quality Quentin Dollars and going to the prize box, one very lucky student gets to take me home each night for being the MOST quality student.

 Students like to give me presents.

The teacher asks me to hold the word of the day.

In my second book, Quentin's Quality PumpkinI remember the part of the "Quality Students" song that says "we take turns to be kind."  I learn that it's not as important for me to get the best pumpkin as it is for me to share with Mandy.

I like to hide in different S.O.L. Train Learning materials so I can remind kids how to be quality students.  I have a whole category just for me.  Click below to check it out:

You will be getting to know me more throughout the year as I tell more stories about my experiences in the classroom.  Have a great week!

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