Friday, September 25, 2015

Class Mascots

Hey all,

On Tuesday you got to meet Quentin, our class mascot.  As a class mascot, he gives the students an example to follow for good behavior and gives them an extra push to follow the rules.  We combine Quentin with the Baldridge program, teaching kids that being a Quality Student is the best way to work and behave in the classroom.  We have found that this holistic approach, combining behavior and performance, really encourages the students to do their best.  Having a class mascot is a fun way to emphasize whatever it is you want to emphasize in the classroom.

Minds in Bloom has a great article that reflects the same ideas we use in the classroom.  Creating a culture that includes the class mascot is a fun, low-pressure way to have a positive environment.

Scholastic has a fantastic article about how a class mascot can even motivate kiddos to write.  When Quentin goes home with a Quality Student, they write about him in his journal.  They get excited about their interactions with the class mascot and want to write about them, or at least draw them.

Eduplace has an activity on how to involve the kiddos in creating a class mascot.  This involves creativity and critical thinking.  It would be an awesome way to make the experience more fun for older kiddos!

2care2teach4kids shows you how to use a class mascot in a preschool classroom.

All of these articles support the same idea, that a class mascot is a great way to create a fun environment and motivate your students.  The one cool thing about Quentin, as you can read in our other post, is that we have done all the work for you.  Quentin has 2 songs, 2 books, and other materials.  The idea of quality is strongly encouraged within the Baldridge program and it's a great jumping point for you.  We have seen Quentin work wonders with students who had very strong behavior difficulties and firmly believe in the presence of a class mascot to make your life easier.  As you can see in our previous post, we do have a stuffed Quentin.

He's not for sale in our store, but we would be happy to send him to you if you want to do this in your classroom.  We would be willing to give you his books, songs, Quality Quentin dollars, along with him and other supporting materials for a discount bundle price.  If you're interested or have any questions, email us at  We believe he can make a real difference in your classroom.

If not Quentin, at least try a class mascot.  We guarantee you'll see a difference in your kiddos.  Share your successes below!

Have an awesome weekend and best of luck!

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