Friday, April 17, 2015

All about Scoot and a FREEBIE!

Does this look like some of your kiddos? We have some fun games that will get them up and moving as they learn.  Some of y'all may have heard of Scoot. It is a game where your kiddos answer questions or problems on a card as they walk to each desk. Our kiddos love it, especially when I say"Scoot" to signal them to move to the next desk. These are just a few of the many games we have. If you want to see all of them just click on the link below:

We also wanted to say Congrats to Nikki for her 10,000 FB likes and to say thanks as she is sharing this post as a part of her "Share-A-Bration"
Check it out! She will sharing FREEBIES on her page this weekend.

These cards can also be used in centers or as read around the room cards or as exit cards.

This is one of our best selling scoot games: Just click on the picture to see all the comments about it.

Here is a sample of the cards. The kiddos love the monkeys!

We also have them for the seasons. These are our spring ones. Click on any of the pictures to see more about the products: We have also included cute little chicks as manipulatives if y'all want to use these cards in a math center.

 This is the bundle of all 4 games in one at a discount.

This is a fun one for the kiddos who need practice with sequencing numbers to 10. They love the dogs! There is also manipulatives with numbers if you want to use them in a number center.

This is great for this time of the year!

We have this one on multiplication and there is also one on division.

This is a fun way to see if your kiddos know their vowel sounds.

This is another fun game that is very popular! Check out all the comments on this fun game:) We put many different math skills in this game so it is a great review or a good way to see what math concepts that students struggle with.
 Here ia a sample of what these fun cards look like.
This is our brand new Brain Bounce game with cute spring kids. We also added fractions to this set of cards.

We have Word of the Day Brain Bounce games for each month that is a fun way to assess the student's knowledge of monthly vocabulary.

We would like y'all to try one of our Scoot FREEBIES! We hope that you enjoy it! Just click on the picture to grab it!

We hope that your kiddos will love to  play Scoot and Brain Bounce!

What are some fun games that y'all do to get your kids moving?

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