Friday, January 16, 2015

New Beginnings and a FREEBIE!

Hey Y'all!
 So it is a new year and Brittany and I have several 2015 beginnings that we are excited about!

First, yes I have taken the tree in the background of this picture down and I even have put all the Christmas decorations put away!

As you can see, Santa brought me a fit desk so I will be working on weight loss as I create new and great products for you in 2015:)

This is Brittany and her husband Kevin and they are at their baby shower, and of course, being a teacher, she is very pleased with the books!  This is her first baby and my first grandchild so we are very excited! She is due Feb.15 so we will be sharing baby pictures soon:) They were so blessed with gifts for this baby!

I can't wait to see my sweet little granddaughter in this cute coat and all the darling clothes that she got.

This is our newest Scoot game for 2015 and as promised, we are offering it 50% off this weekend: Jan. 17 and Jan.18.

Another beginning that is happening is our Kickstarter video. We are trying to raise money for a science cd. We would appreciate ya'll watching this video and if you can and are willing to donate that  would be amazing! Please tell all your friends that may be interested in this to watch. There are prizes for donating so look at all the things that you can get for the different amounts donated. We also will be flashing FREEBIES on our FB for every 10 donations so make sure you have liked our FB page.  After you click LIKED on FB, click on down arrow in the right hand corner of LIKED and click on Notifications so you will be notified of the FLASH FREEBIES:) Thanks!

Thank you so much for watching and helping us to meet our goal! The funding ends on Feb.15- Brittany's due date! I would love to tell Alathea that we were successful on her birthday:) You can bet there will be a great celebration with lots of deals, FREEBIES and Giveaways!:)

Another first: We just bundled all our economic units together. You will get Community Helpers, Goods and Services and Wants and Needs. They all have a lesson plan to follow and we have included all 3 fun songs and books about each unit.  Just click on the picture below to purchase:)

You will also get 9 community helper finger puppets.

 You will get these sheets that you can use as a matching activity-matching the community helper to the correct setting. As ya'll can see, my kiddos used these pictures for scenery for their puppet show. They were so cute dancing their puppets to the community helper song.

You will get little books like this.

 Another one of my students got very creative and made this to go with her puppets- I just love this!:)

 This is just one of the no prep sheets that you will get in this pack.

I had my students write a page for our class book on community helpers.

This is another little book that comes with this large bundle!

You also get pages like this. I glued it on larger paper and made a big book so my kiddos could go back and read it later. The words are from our song.

After we did our unit on goods and services, we became producers and made our own products and wrote about them. The students loved doing this!:)

We also bundled our popular Winter Scoot Games together and ya'll can get them 50% off through Jan. 25!
These fun winter task cards have cute manipulatives included. There are cards that cover addition 1-10, subtraction 1-10, addition 11-20 and subtraction 11-20. Just click on the picture to check them out:)

We wanted to share one of our fun and upbeat songs with ya'll so you could get a sample of our songs. It also has a cute little piggy template for your kiddos to write on.
Just click on the picture to download. We would appreciate a nice comment after you download.

Here are a few examples from my kiddos:)

We hope ya'll enjoy it!

We also have our Quality Student Song for FREE!  This song has helped with the behavior in my class:)

We really appreciate ya'll taking the time to view our video!

God Bless You!

We would love to see what your new beginnings for 2015 are! Leave us a comment about them:)

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