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We have joined some great teachers to bring y'all some great $1 Deals all day Jan.31 and we have also decided to have a BIG SUPER BOWL SALE! Our store is 20% off Jan.21-Feb. 2!

Just click on this picture to purchase for a $1!
This is a sample of the fun math task cards that are in this $1 Deal!

We know that everyone is trying to get ready to have some fun and educational products ready for February so we thought we would share what we have that will teach your kiddos some great February words!   This is our calendar that has a word on each calendar piece as well as a valentine pattern for them to follow. We have included a black and white student version, a journal sheet, sheet with the definitions on them and 2 teacher's guides to use.  Just click on the picture to purchase for 20% off!

Here are a few examples of the writing my kiddos did using these word of the day calendar words! These words have given students a confidence in their writing and has helped to keep them on topic, so we are learning monthly vocabulary as well as becoming great little writers!:)

This is our fun Brain Bounce game that our kiddos love to play! It is a great way to assess their knowledge of these words.

Here are a few of the cards that are included. We have also taped them around the room and the students write down the answers on recording sheets that are included in this pack. You could also use them as exit cards or as a center and have students discuss them.
We have all the games bundled together at a discounted price if y'all want to take advantage of getting them during the SALE.

This is our Quality Quest game where your kiddos can be word detectives and find word chunks in the words.  

We added little magnifying glasses to this center and told the kids that they were word detectives. They loved it!

This is a product where your kiddos will build a sentence with these words, write the sentence and illustrate it. There is also a bonus question where they van answer it on the back or you can use their answers a s a class book about George Washington or Dental Health. There is also a teacher guide with ideas.

Your kiddos can manipulate the heart shaped pieces before they glue them on the paper.

 This is how one of my students answered a bonus question.

This is our popular money bundle that has a 4 week lesson plan and has a fun coin rap with little puzzles that have the words on it about each coin. There is also coin books, games, coin chart, sheets and more.

This bundle has 100 pages of Plant Fun, including our original song about plant cycle. My kiddos love to do a plant dance and sing this song. They also enjoy their own coloring book.

One of our new bundles is on the five senses. It also has a fun and rocking song, books, puppets, sheets, sorts with realistic pictures, science experiments and more.

We have been trying to include recorded catchy and fun songs in our Science and Social Studies units and it gets expensive! Please look at our Kickstarter video and consider donating a $1 or more:) so we can complete our Science CD. You will get a free download of all 15 songs for free for just a $5 donation and you would be helping to get science songs in the classroom! Thank you for considering this! You will get prizes for your generous donations:)
Also, we would love for y'all to comment on what science songs you would like to see on our new CD. We want this to be a tool that you would use in your classroom.

We will also be doing a Backer Blitz every night at 9pm EST on our FB page. Check it out:)

We know some of y'all may already have these songs. We wanted those of you who haven't gotten a chance to hear our songs to grab these FREEBIES so you could see what we are trying to do:

We wanted to share one of our fun and upbeat songs with ya'll so you could get a sample of our songs. It also has a cute little piggy template for your kiddos to write on.
Just click on the picture to download. We would appreciate a nice comment after you download.

Here are a few examples from my kiddos:)

We hope ya'll enjoy it!

We also have our Quality Student Song for FREE!  This song has helped with the behavior in my class:)

We also use these fun Quentin Dollars as incentives for our kiddos after we discuss quality behavior as quality students: We just copy them in grayscale and the kiddos love them! They are always asking  what they can do to get a Quentin Dollar:)

We have also bundled our 3 Economics units into one large discounted pack! And y'all can get this for 20% off on top of that during our SALE!

You will also get 9 community helper finger puppets.

 You will get these sheets that you can use as a matching activity-matching the community helper to the correct setting. As ya'll can see, my kiddos used these pictures for scenery for their puppet show. They were so cute dancing their puppets to the community helper song.

You will get little books like this.

 Another one of my students got very creative and made this to go with her puppets- I just love this!:)

 This is just one of the no prep sheets that you will get in this pack.

I had my students write a page for our class book on community helpers.

This is another little book that comes with this large bundle!

You also get pages like this. I glued it on larger paper and made a big book so my kiddos could go back and read it later. The words are from our song.

After we did our unit on goods and services, we became producers and made our own products and wrote about them. The students loved doing this!:)

We also bundled our popular Winter Scoot Games together and ya'll can get them 20% off through Feb.2!
These fun winter task cards have cute manipulatives included. There are cards that cover addition 1-10, subtraction 1-10, addition 11-20 and subtraction 11-20. Just click on the picture to check them out:)

We also have many Scoot games y'all can check out by clicking this link below:

We have so much more that we could show you from our store! We hope that you will check us out during the BIG SALE and if you like what you see, please follow our store and y'all will be notified of all our new songs, scoot games, word of the day products,poems and more!

We love to get your comments on what y'all would like to see in our store so please let us know!

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!

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