Thursday, October 16, 2014

Getting Festive for Fall with the Virginia Bloggers

We hope ya'll are enjoying the beautiful season of Fall! We love to watch the leaves change colors here in Virginia. One of our favorite activities is going on a leaf hunt and collecting the pretty leaves.

We read these books on leaves.  Our kiddos enjoyed all of them.

Here are some of the pictures of our own leaf hunt.  I loved the way they ran toward the trees!

 The kids were so excited to show their bags of leaves!

Then we came back into the room and made leaf rubbings. You just place a piece of white copier paper over a leaf and rub a crayon over top of it. The kiddos got so excited to see the print it made.

Next, we cut out the leaves and glued them on a piece of construction paper.

 We made a picture with the leaves and then we wrote about our pictures.

This is a cool experiment you may want to do with your kiddos. We are going to try it next week. 

Our kiddos also love our pumpkin theme. We just started with a few activities and will continue to do more next week.

We started by reading our original poem about pumpkins. We gave all the students a copy to put in their poetry folders so they can practice reading it. They enjoy sharing their poems with their fourth grade book buddies. The students highlighted the rhyming words. They love using the highlighters!

After we spent a few days reading the poem, we gave them a fill in the blank sheet to complete. They used their poems to help them.

Ya'll can grab this poem and fill in the blank sheet by clicking on the picture below:
We would greatly appreciate ya'll leaving us a nice comment if you decide to download it. We also hope that ya'll will check out our store and follow it by clicking on the green star at the top of the store page so you will be notified of all our new products. We usually offer them 50% off the first 48 hours. We also have another free poem with our Quality Quentin puppet as a free download at our store.

We also had our students build the poem in a pocket chart.  It was great listening to how they worked together to complete the poem, and how excited they got when they finished it. Several of them yelled,"We did it!" These pocket chart cards are in our Pumpkin Fun Literacy Bundle.  Here are a few pictures of some of the other things you will get in this bundle. 

Click on the picture below to purchase this bundle of over 80 pages 50% off this weekend during the Hop:)

 An interactive pumpkin activity that your kiddos can do like this.
 This would be the back of it.
 There are 20 word family sorts.
 This is a dot to dot bat with the- at family.

Our kiddos also made it into a bat puppet. We used it to sing vowel bat from this CD:

This book and coloring book are also included. The book teaches your kiddos about kindness.
It is one of the character traits in our song"Quality Students". The song is also included in this bundle.

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We hope your kiddos will enjoy our pumpkin poem, and all the great Fall activities from some awesome Virginia teachers!:)

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  1. Wowza! Your post is awesome, Pam! I love all of the great pictures you snapped, and I will enjoy using the poem with my second grade tutoring student! Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you so much! I loved watching my kiddos do the leaf hunt! They had so much fun! I hope your student will enjoy the poem as he/she learns about the pumpkin cycle:)

  3. I love the leaf hunt! Your students' pictures were precious. Thanks for sharing!
    The Techie Teacher

  4. Thanks! The funny thing is they go out there for recess every day and they don't pay attention to the leaves, but when I gave them a bag and told them what we were doing, they just ran and jumped up and down as they ran toward the trees:)

  5. What a wonderful fall activity! Someone that I work with was talking about leaf rubbings the other day! This would be a great activity to use with my fifth graders as we explore descriptive writing. Thanks so much for the ideas and the resources!

  6. You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments!

  7. Hmm...looks like my kids will be going on a leaf hunt this week! How fun!! Thanks for the great post and activities. :)
    Fashionable in First

  8. Thanks Leslie! It was so much fun watching them run around and collect leaves. They got so excited!
    I guess it is the little things:)

  9. Nice to see kids getting to run around outside! Thanks for the awesome activities!

    Owls and Lessons, Etc.

    1. You're welcome! Sorry I missed this last year!