Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Educents ELA SALE

We are so excited to announce that our Word of the Day Calendar Bundle is on sale at Educents on Oct.8-15.

We have noticed that our kiddos have shown great improvement in their writing as well as vocabulary development.  These words keep them focused on a topic, and appears to give them confidence in their writing.

Just click on the picture below to purchase:

This is a sample from the October Calendar. The first set of words have to do with Columbus, and then will move into Fall and Halloween words. This pattern is an AB pattern, orange pumpkin, green pumpkin. The picture is Mandy, Quality Quentin's friend. If ya'll want to check any of the products we have with Quality Quentin or Mandy, just look under Quality Quentin under our custom categories on the left side of our store.  There is also a definition sheet and a journal sheet in the packs.

If ya'll would like to just purchase October to see how you like it, then just click on the picture below:

We use  calendar notebooks and the students write their words, sentences and do illustrations of the words in them.

The kiddos love sharing their notebooks.

The students have their own black and white versions of the calendars. They choose 5 of the words that go together to help them write a story for the Word of the day Stories for the month.

These are just a few samples of the writing that some of our students have done using the calendar words. They circle the words that they use.

 This paper was written by one of my ELL students who struggled with writing at the beginning of the year. I noticed he would improve each month using these words. This is what he did in April. I was so proud of his improvement!:)

Here is how they were writing by the end of the year:)

We bind all the stories into a class book each month that the kiddos can read all throughout the year. 

We hope that y'all will check these calendars out and will have as much success as we have:)

We hope y'all will come back and see our Halloween Bundles with books and fun printables. for Fun Friday ! We will be offering them 50% off in our store. See you then:)

We would also love to hear from ya'll!:)

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