Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our future producers are looking pretty good!

We sang "Goods and Services" and completed the bundle  from our SOL Train Learning unit called "Ride into Goods and Services".   My students learned about consumers and producers and making financial choices. They had so much fun working on designs and wrote about what they would be producing at the end of the unit.  I was amazed at how well they thought about their designs and the materials they brought in to make them!  Check out the Goods and Services Unit in our store.

This one little girl just touched my heart when she "produced" this doll.  She doesn't have very much at home and was so excited to finally have a doll to play with.  So amazing how she could be resourceful with what I provided!

 This student even brought in a shell that looked like the unicorn's horn.
                             This robot  was bigger than his producer!
This student brought in red dots for the eyes of this robot that shoots out lasers.  He is standing on his spy cam. 

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