Monday, May 30, 2016

A Tearful Goodbye...We Are Leaving

Well we are leaving in a manner of speaking.  We are very excited to announce a COMPLETE REBUILD of our website!  This means all our blog posts will be coming from there, in addition to links to our online resources.  We're going to have even more digital products and get some online course stuff up for ya.  All of our videos will be on the site.  Everything you need will be all in one place!!  If you can't tell, I'm super excited.  BUT, enough about my excitement, click below to check out our new location.

S.O.L. Train Learning's New Blog

Summer Plans

Since you are winding down for the year, and will likely be sunning in the Virgin Islands, or just your backyard, you might not be spending as much time with me and my little blog.  *sniff, sniff* And...I've...accepted...that.  In FACT, I'm embracing it.  You will still see blogs from us throughout the summer.  They will just be fewer and further between.  We're going to do one summer fun post and one school prep post each month as soon as our Real-Life Learning Project has come to a close.  Side note: if you are looking for Week 4, do not worry.  I'll be posting it tomorrow on our BRAND NEW SITE.  As of now, FUN FRIDAY is closing for the summer.  We will reopen it again in the fall.


We have some big news for you that is not quite ready to share.  If you are on our email list you will be the very first to hear it.  If not...

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See you tomorrow.  Have a nice Memorial Day!

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