Friday, April 1, 2016

Fun Friday: Word of the Day is Changing Its Name

Hi Teacher Friends!

Do you want to see your kiddos make this kind of writing progress as well as learn some great vocabulary? Then check out our new and improved Word of the Day resources.

And your kiddos will be excited to find these words in other places! I always praise my students for being great "word detectives!" I even had one of my ELL students say,"Mrs. Beckner, You were right. These calendar words are everywhere! I just love words!" My students have been pointing out our calendar words all year:)

If you are one of our long time Word of the Day fans, you will notice a slight change in our Word of the Day resources.  After much time and deliberation, we have decided that Word of the Day does not fully encapsulate the essence of our program.  We are now calling these resources Daily Concept Builders™ because the daily vocabulary words build on monthly themes that enhance comprehension and application of relevant vocabulary.  This is so much more than just a word each day!

DCB™ Calendar

This calendar has it all.  You get a new word each day that is part of one of 5-6 themes associated with the given month.  Plus, there is a math pattern and cut and paste student calendar for students to complete independently.  There is also a journal page for daily vocabulary application.


Check out these awesome students with their interactive calendars:

DCB™ ELA Songbooks

These books are a perfect resource for incorporating vocabulary in a musical form.  All songbooks include our DCB™vocabulary in a fun piggy back song format!  Your students will sing familiar songs while learning important vocabulary. There is a version in color for the teacher to read to the kiddos. The students get the black and white copy. They highlight the daily words as part of a center. Then they practice reading them. They love to sit together and sing the words too:) They are great for your "Read to Self" center. Here is a student highlighting her word in our April Fool's Day Book.

We have included a single page with the lyrics so the students can highlight the words and add it to their poetry folders.  The picture to the right is from November.

Cut and Paste DCB™

These fun printables are worksheets with a purpose.  Each page includes one or more DCB™ words, plus one of our Team 25 sight words!  Students cut out the shapes, paste them in correct sentence order,  highlight the DCB word and the sight word, copy the sentence, draw a picture, then complete a bonus task or question.  This is a great way to practice vocabulary and see students applying new knowledge.

Here is a sample from January.  April has eggs instead of snowballs!

 DCB™ Sight Words Center

Our Sight Words activity contains Team 25 sight words that are compatible with our Cut and Paste activity.  These manipulative cards and letters are perfect for tactile learners, and we've included a teacher guide with other great sight word ideas!   

This is a sample from March. 

DCB™ Brain Bounce™ Game

Our Brain Bounce™ game takes learning a word each day to the next level with definition-based quiz cards.  This is a perfect way to assess your students' understanding of our DCB™ vocabulary. The cards can also be used as read around the room cards or as a Scoot game. We have included a teacher guide with ideas.

This is our wonderful ELL teacher helping one of her students read the card.

DCB™ Memory Game
Our Memory Game is a great way for your kiddos to practice word recognition.  We have included 3 different types so you can differentiate like a pro!  Type 1: all pictures, Type 2: pictures with words, Type 3: all words.  And as always, there is a guide with extra goodies for you and your classroom.


Yes, we have made it that easy for you.  For $20 you can purchase all of these great resources for the month of April, and have everything you need for literacy centers! Bonus, the bundle contains a comprehensive teacher guide for how all of these resources interact and how they can best be used in your classroom.  This is a truly awesome resource that will improve your students' vocabulary, and with it, their reading and writing.  We have been working and revising these products for several years. We are always looking to make it better and to add more to it. If you purchase this bundle, you will get all the new DCB products that we will be adding to it!  Not to mention, we have cross-curricular themes so you can hit Social Studies and Science too.  Themes for this month: April Fool's, April Weather, Easter, Earth Day, Trees.  

Only for Fun Friday and through the weekend, we are offering all of these fun classroom resources for 50% off!  You can get the whole kit-and-caboodle for a mere $10.  Take advantage of this and we promise you will thank yourself.  Click on the bundle image above to purchase.  Just look at what others are saying...

Great way to incorporate vocabulary! Thanks!

easy routine to implement; great graphics!

Great way to incorporate vocabulary! Thanks!

Will work wonderfully in my student centers

Excellent unit - the sentences are not too difficult and my students enjoyed gluing them in the right order. Thank you!

Fun way to introduce new vocabulary.

My class LOVES their journals. This is such a great resource and is saving me so much time!!!! Thanks!

An absolutely wonderful resource! I can't wait to use this with my ESOL students and build their vocabulary! I love your products! Thank you!

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