Thursday, January 28, 2016

Win $25 to TPT Hashtag Hunt

Image designed by: Createolux

Hey there party people!

As promised, we will be doing our first-ever HASHTAG HUNT starting Friday, February 5.  What is a hashtag hunt, you ask?  We will be hiding pieces of this cute little image on our Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, along with our website.  Each Friday, we will give you a hint on this post as to where the newest piece is.  All 4 pieces together spell out a hashtag that represents something which is very important to us as a company.  The first 4 people to post the hashtag to our FB page will win a $25 TPT gift card!  One gift card per winner.  It's that simple.  Tune in right here for the first clue on Feb 5.

This clue is lots of fun, search our website pages for Clue #1!

Clue #2 is fast so hurry and flock to our twitter page around 5 o-clock!(5:00pm EST on Feb 12)

Clue #3 is tricky to see.  Check our first Pinterest board that starts with "B!"  Hint: you may have to click on it to see it...

Clue #4 is going live.  Try our Facebook page around 8:05!(8:05pm EST on Feb 26)

Did you find them all?  WAY TO GO!  Click this post to let us know!!

Happy Hunting!