Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A New Baby and a New Store!

First of all, I have to introduce y'all to my new beautiful grand daughter! We are so blessed and so thankful that she is here and healthy.

 Grandpa and Uncle Brandon are pretty smitten as well!

We are also thankful that Momma Brittany is doing well. 

Thank you for letting me have my proud Grandma moment:)

I am so sorry for those of y'all that are coming here from our FB post on April 12! I posted the wrong coin picture and it leads to this page, and because I boosted it, I couldn't edit it. Anyway here is the link for the Giveaway and the FREEBIES:

We are also excited to tell y'all that we have just opened a store at Educents and y'all can get our units for 50% off for a limited time to celebrate our new baby girl and our opening ! 

We have been very busy trying to upload our products there. We still have a lot more to put up, but as you can see, we have been busy with our sweet bundle of joy! We wanted to show you what is there-all at a discount for a limited time!  Y'all can also get a $10 credit to shop with just for opening a free account there!  http://www.educents.com/signup-bonus.html?r=84002 

Just click on this link to check out our new store:) 

Click on the heart at the top of our store so you will see all our Deals and Freebies that we will be posting. We appreciate the support!:)

Here are a few pictures that will show you what is included in some of these products:

Our best selling Money Unit includes:
You can also just click on the pictures of the products to purchase:)

We use our coin books in a math center with coins for the kiddos to match the pages with.

 We have our fun games included with our class mascot, Quality Quentin. The kids love seeing him on some of our products!

 Here are just a few sheets from this large bundle of money activities! Over 70 pages and a daily lesson plan that will last you 4 weeks! There is also a fun money rap song.

This is our Plant Unit that has lots of ELA and math activities for your kiddos to do as they learn about plants, including a fun and upbeat song about the plant cycle.

There is a book that has the words from the song in it. I glued the colored pages on sheets of construction paper to make a big book to read to the students.

There is also a black and white coloring book that the kiddos could color and use to answer the fill in the blank sheet.
There are read around the room cards or y'all can use them in a center. The cards have our classroom mascot, Quality Quentin on them. Our kiddos love Quentin!

There are 20 word family cards to sort on leaf shaped words.
 You can use these cards in a center or as a scoot game.
These are just a few sheets that are included. There are also sheets on other vowel sounds.

We have also included 2 math scoot games  or y'all can use them in a center with the manipulatives we have included. They can use both sets and find fact families.

 There are math sheets as well.

 This is our newest science unit that goes with our fun and catchy song on Five Senses.

 There are science experiments.

 There  are colored pages that can be put together as a big book.

 There is also a coloring book for the kiddos.
 There are puppets that they can make to act out the 5 senses.

 There is a fill in the blank sheet to complete. The students can use their coloring book to help them fill it in.

There are real photographs to sort .

We have Scoot games that can  also be used in math centers. Our most popular one is our Monkey Money Scoot.

There is also one for March on addition and we have one on subtraction as well. We have included cute pot of gold manipulatives.

There is one for missing numbers on cute puppy cards.  We also have manipulatives included.

Another best seller is our Word of the Day products:)

We start with our calendar that has a March word on each piece. There is also a math pattern that builds. We have a teacher guide with ideas on how to use these words. It has been said by an ELL teacher that these word of the day products have really helped her students with basic vocabulary in a fun way. We have found these words to help our students with writing. They help them to stay focused on a topic.

Students will find word chunks in these word of the day words. We add little magnifying glasses to make the kiddos feel like real word detectives:)

This is a fun game that will help assess the knowledge of the words. You can also use them in a center or read around the room cards.

These are cut and glue sentences that the kiddos build using words on clover shaped cards. There are words from the calendar that they construct, copy, and illustrate. There is also a bonus question.

We hope that y'all will take a look at our new store and take advantage of our 50% off Units!

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