Sunday, August 3, 2014

BIG SALE on our entire store!

Today, August 6 is the last day of our sale of 20% off.  All of these products as well as over a 100 more products in our store.  Check them out.  If ya'll go to our store and look at the left side you will see some of our categories under Custom Categories, so you can find products quicker.  Remember to give feedback on those products that you have already purchased, you will get store credit points toward your new purchases.  We also hope you will go up to the star and follow our store so you will be notified of all our new songs, bundles,scoot games, and more.  We also inform you of great giveaways that ya'll can enter:)

Just click on the picture of the product to purchase or to look at it further.

 This is a fully packed literacy unit with a fun and upbeat song about being a quality student.  My kiddos love singing and dancing to the song while they spell the word,"quality."  These are just a few items included in this big pack of activities.  There is also a cute read aloud book about Quality Quentin's first day of school.

This is the cute Quality hat that is also included.  I tell my students that the Q stands for Quality Student.  There is a word family color code. 
 This is our September Word of the Day Calendar.  There is a vocabulary word for each day as well as a Teacher's Guide and a daily math pattern to follow.

We have one for each month of the year or ya'll can grab the entire year at a discount in our Word of the Day Calendar Bundle.

These are a few samples of the writing my kiddos did using these word of the day calendar words.  I saw such improvement as the year went on:)

I would put all their stories in a class book so they could go back and revisit the words all throughout the year.  The neat thing about this is my students would see one of the words somewhere else and say,"Mrs. Beckner!  This is one of our calendar words!"

I place the word of the day from our calendars in our class mascot, Quality Quentin's lap.  My kiddos love seeing the new word when they come into class every morning:)

This is one of my kiddos  reading and telling the answer of one of the  Brain Bounce Game cards to our ESL teacher.

This is one of our Brain Bounce Games that is based on the vocabulary words from our Word of the Day Calendar.  You can also use them as a Scoot game or as exit cards.

This is just one of our economic units that have a lot of activities, books,puppets and printables as well as a rocking song about community helpers.  We also have a unit on Goods and Services and Wants and Needs.  They also have fun MP3 songs that are included.  They all are fun to sing and dance to.
 These pictures and puppets are included.  There are 9 finger puppets.

This is a great money unit that has a coin rap,puzzles with the rap,coin chart,coin books,printables and more!

I use the coin books for a math center.  They work great!  If you don't have coins, don't worry, we have included coin manipulatives:)

We have many fun Scoot Games to choose from!  This is just 2 of them.  Ya'll can check more under Scoot Games under Custom Categories at our store.

We also have fun Brain Bounce Games for your kiddos to play:)

These are just a sample of the 24 cards in this game.  There is also a recording sheet and answer key.

We also have seasonal products.  This is our Fall Math Bundle.  There is also a Fall ELA/Literacy Bundle.
 These are just a few sheets including a Fall Scoot Game.

This is a HUGE Plant Bundle!  It has a fun and upbeat plant song that your kiddos will love to move and sing to.  There is a cute plant book that teaches about the parts of the plants.  I pasted the colored pages on 12x18 in. sheets of paper to make a big book.  There is also a black and white version for the kiddos to color.
 There are letter sound task cards that can be used in centers or read around the room cards.

There are over 20 word family cards to sort.

There are 2 missing addend scoot games included.
 There are fun manipulatives included if you want to use the missing addend cards in a math center.
 There are  math printables.
 And ELA printables.

We also have word problems with manipulatives and a recording sheet.

I like to use white boards and markers in my math centers.  The kiddos love that!

Well, that is just a few things that ya'll can get 20% off.  Our entire store is on SALE:)  We hope that you will be able to use our products to make your new school year fun and successful!  We would love to get any comments on what ya'll would like to see in our store.  We are working on a new unit on the Five Senses that will be based on our new published "Five Senses" song.  We are very excited about our new Science songs!

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for a couple of more awesome Giveaways that will be happening this month:)

Brittany and Pam

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