Thursday, July 17, 2014

Guest Blogging on Teaching Momster- Math Centers and Games

 Hi Ya'll!
  My name is Pam from SOL Train Learning and I am so excited to be a guest on Krista's blog this week I know Krista always has some awesome math ideas and products that she shares over at Teaching Momster.   I decided to share other math ideas I use during Math on our blog.  I conduct guided math groups the way most of us do guided reading groups.  I love doing math this way!  It is such a great way to work with smaller groups on their ability levels.
This is a measuring center that I did with smaller groups.  We made GAK.  They loved it!  It was so nice doing this activity with smaller groups while the rest of my class was involved with other math centers.

Some of you may already know my class mascot, Quality Quentin.  He helps my kiddos to be quality students.  The reason I am introducing him to you is you will see him on some of our centers.  My kiddos love seeing him pop up on their work:)

These are some of the sheets that are in our Money Bundle that I use during math groups.  It is always fun playing games!

These coin books are also in the bundle.

This bundle has a 4 week daily lesson plan, coin rap, puzzles of our coin rap, games, coin chart,coin books, and printables.  

I also like to incorporate writing during math.  This is a writing my kiddos did when we were doing money.  I play our song "Spend a Little, Save a Little."  We discuss it and write on this piggy bank template, included with the song.

This is a great center that my kiddos really enjoy doing!  They love working with coins and matching them to the pictures in the little books.

This is a center where my kiddos solve word problems using task cards with Quality Quentin and friends.  There are fish manipulatives to help them if needed.

I let my kiddos use whiteboards and markers at this center and they love it!  

I also use holiday math centers.  My kiddos enjoy fun holiday work during the different holidays.

This is a great center to do!  We love pattern blocks!  And my students got very creative with them.

Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 and Thing 2

Benjamin Franklin

This is the president in his office.  See the picture of the Monument?  Wow!!

I am blessed to have these computers, to do this great math center!  One of the programs I use is Moby Max.  Y'all can try the program for free for a month to see if you like it.   The kiddos work at their own ability levels.

I use M&Ms at a center to teach fractions of groups.  I do this group myself and let them have some to eat when they finish:)
I also have a math center where they add and subtract.  These are Scoot cards from our Plant Bundle.  There are 2 sets.  You can use both sets and have the kiddos find the fact families that go together.

You can use any of our Scoot Game cards in math centers.  There is a recording sheet if you want to use it and an answer sheet if ya'll want the kiddos to check themselves.  I usually play Scoot or other group math games on Fridays.

We loved sharing our ideas and products with you and hope ya'll found some great math games and centers that will be useful in your classrooms!

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