Friday, April 4, 2014

FUN FRIDAY: Working on our calendar words for April.

This is Quentin our Quality Penguin and he is holding our word of the day.  My students love coming in and seeing the new word in Quentin's flippers.
Since our word was silly, I decided it would be fun to do some silly things for FUN FRIDAY.

We put our word of the day calendar piece up and clap the syllables and discuss the meaning of silly.  Then we go back to our seats and write the word in our calendar notebook.

This student decided to use some other words of the day.  I was so happy to see how she put all these words together!

I am also seeing my students using their calendar words in their daily journals.  Wow!  She even circled the words after she wrote the entry.

I also was excited to see this student point out a calendar word from our January calendar."Look Mrs. Beckner, the word blizzard.  This was one of our calendar words."  How cool is it to see them remember words from a couple of months ago!  Yay!!

This little guy is working on putting words in order for our April Activities.  They loved that I put the words on egg shapes because they asked me to do that for April.

 This gal had the great idea to highlight the calendar words on her sheet.

The words are cut out and glued.  Then they copy the sentence, in their best handwriting of course:)

Then they illustrate the sentence.  I always love to see their illustrations!

And the last part of these print and go sheets is to write your own joke.  Some of them were actually pretty good.  I imagine thy heard them somewhere.

I let the students tell their jokes to each other and they had a ball!  This is a great oral activity, especially for your ELL students.

We read this book for our Read Aloud and then we decided to write about being silly.

I promise, just one more.  They are just so darn cute:)

We decided it would be fun to do a silly dance outside.

This kiddo wanted to do his own silly dance.  I love it!

Well that is the end of our silly day.  It would also be fun to have the kiddos where silly hats or outfits to school.  I just didn't think of it until now.  Oh well, next year.

We hope ya'll enjoyed FUN FRIDAY with us and feel free to share any of ya'lls silly ideas.  We would love to hear them!

See ya next Friday when we will share a great plant song and activities.  Have a great weekend!!


  1. These are some great ideas for word of the day!! Thank for sharing! =)

    1. Thank you Stacy! Our kiddos had fun being silly. I think they definitely understand the word now.:)

  2. Lots of great fun and learning going on in your class!

    1. Thanks Nancy! We appreciate your nice comment!