Friday, March 14, 2014

Fun Friday: Maps plus a free song:)

We read this book to start our unit on Maps.  It is a great book to introduce maps.

Then we sang our Maps and Globes song.  My kiddos love singing this as they are being introduced to Maps and Globes.  We are offering this as a Freebie today and tomorrow for Fun Friday:)

Several of my kiddos broke into song as they were working on their maps and one little girl said 'I just have that song stuck in my brain." It has a catchy tune.

Then we worked on classroom mats.  I let my students work together on these and I loved watching and listening to the conversations they had about where to place items based on the North, South, West and East side of the room.

This  little guy was saying "This 
is the north side of the room." 

She was saying that Quentin our Quality Penguin sits on the north side of the room.  I love how my kiddos included Quentin in their maps.  They just love him!

Hard to see, but he's working on his legend.

Working hard on their maps.

Sorry I don't have pictures of the completed maps, but we have to finish them on Monday:)
I will post some on Monday, if we don't get snow.

We hope you enjoyed our Fun Friday activity on maps.
Thanks for stopping by!  Please comment anytime on things that you do that would enhance these lessons.

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