Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Last Day for 40% off of this great game that our kiddos love to play every month.  I divide my class into 2 teams and let the kids take turns reading the cards that have questions about the March vocabulary words.  They get a point for their team if they get the correct answer.  If they don't, it bounces to the other team to answer.  The vocabulary words are also introduced daily in our March Word of the day Calendar, which is also 40%off today.
his is our Word of the Day March Calendar that has a ABC pattern for the kiddos to follow as well as a March vocabulary word on each calendar piece.  My students write about the word every day in their calendar notebooks.  Their writing as well as their vocabulary has really increased since they started using these calendars and playing our Word of the Day games and using the word of the Day products.

Here is a sample of  what some of my students wrote using words from our January Word of the Day Calendar.  They chose 5 words and wrote a story using those words.
This one was done by an ELL student who was not writing at all at the very beginning of the year.  He was so proud of himself.  I know I was very proud of him!

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