Thursday, January 9, 2014

"Quality Students"

The word for today from our January Word Calendar was "quality."  One of my students that I had the pleasure of having last year in kindergarten got all excited when she saw the word.  She said," I remember when we made a big book about quality students last year."  Other students commented that quality was from our song called 'Quality Students."   They were excited to see it on their January calendar.  It was a good time to remind them how we need to remember to act like quality students all the time.

  My student went over to our books and picked up the book and showed other students her page, and she started showing some of the other pages and calling kids over that had a page from last year. and then the kids asked if we could do a big book this year about "Quality Students."   I was surprised to see the students wanting to do this again.  The little girl said that this book could show them as quality students in first grade.  Yes, we definitely will do this!   

How many of you have gotten the opportunity to loop up with some of your students and what benefits have you seen in doing that?

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