Thursday, September 19, 2013

This is Quentin the Quality Penguin.  He goes home with a quality student every night and the student writes about what he did at their house and reads it to the class the next day.  This is his read aloud book that teaches students how to be quality students.  It is just one of the items that are included in our back to school bundle.  It also has a fun and upbeat MP3 song that our students love to sing and dance to.  Our Sept. calendar pieces have his picture on them and our students got excited to see him on them.  He is really helping us to be "Quality" students.  My students also love earning the Quentin dollars for good behavior and doing extra work.  They are a freebie on our TPT store.  If you would be interested in buying a stuffed Quentin the Quality Penguin for your class, just let us know. 
This is Quentin dancing to his new rap about bully prevention.  Check it out at our store.
This is a book that your students can illustrate as they learn to be quality students.  My first grader did a great job illustrating her book.

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