Sunday, June 16, 2013

I know it's been awhile since I've been on here.  Wanted to catch you up on all the cool things my kids have been doing with the S.O.L. Train songs.

(Top) We learned "Spend a Little, Save a Little," and one of my kids used the exact words from the song for his piggy bank project.  I think the song really helped him understand the concept of saving money.

(Bottom) One of the students understood the concept of chores from the song and wrote a word problem.                                                                            I am so proud!

After we learned the" Community Helper" song, we made a big book.  Here are a few samples.

"Quality Students"  was one of my students' favorite songs this year.  We had fun doing the motions as we danced to the song.  My students learned all about what quality meant and they learned to spell it.  One of the students asked if we could make a book about quality students, so we did!  I was excited to see one of my ESOL students use words from the song when he did his page(top left)  He was always saying "Quality Students do it right!"

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